Bell goes live with 2-year contract option

Ian Hardy

July 17, 2013 9:26am

As expected, Bell has shifted their offering by giving customers the option of signing a wireless contract on a 2-year term. An internal doc we we previously posted indicated that today (July 17th) would see Bell “replace all existing Consumer rate plans with a new line-up designed for 2 year contracts to offer greater choice and flexibility. Also as of July 17, 2013, hardware pricing will be determined by the plan the customer selects.”

The three rate plans are Voice; Voice and Data Lite; and Voice and Data Plus. These all range in price and can be used on entry level to flagship smartphones. Overall, the monthly plans increase by $5/month and if you choose to sign a 2-year contract, versus a 3-year, the device hardware will increase by minimum of $20 to $30. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently $229.95 on a 3-year, but if a 2-year is selected it’ll increase to $249.95. The same is true for the BlackBerry Q10 – on a 3-year it’s $199.95, but a 2-year will rise $30 to $229.95. The iPhone seems to be the only one stuck on a 3-year with no 2-year option. It should be noted that Bell will keep the 3-year contract pricing available until July 29th, 2013.

We have a list of the full Voice, Voice and Data Lite, and Voice and Data Plus plans here, or more info on the 2-year terms here. All carriers, including TELUS, Virgin and Rogers, will be transitioning to a 2-year contract term by December 2nd as this is mandated by the CRTC new Wireless Code. TELUS will be going live on July 30, Virgin is set for August 1st, and Rogers ‘shortly.’

Source: Bell

  • beyond

    One question, Do 3 year contracts also increase in price by $5 ??

  • o_zzy

    You are wrong. If you want the phone at 179, you need a Voice and Data Plus plan. It would be $75 for unlimited local calling, nationwide texts and 1GB of Data

    • Salinger

      I’m seeing the same thing Thomas is. $179.95 for the HTC One on a 2 year term and $60/month for Voice & Data Plus 60 with the details he noted.

      Not sure if that shouldn’t be there, but right now it is. It’s the same thing as the $75 plan but is better in that the minutes are nation-wide. Probably a temporary error.

    • Martini

      I’m seeing that you can convert local minutes to nationwide for an extra $10/month.

  • hardy83

    No it’s not.

    • jhk

      It is.

      Even if you sign with Koodo, it’s about $60 for the same features.

  • o_zzy

    There are two different types of voice and data plans. Voice and Data Plus 60 is the one with 1000mins and 300mb. Voice and Data Lite 60 is the one with Unlimited Calling and 1GB

  • disqusmy

    It is because they want to make you sign 3 year3 contract…

  • ToniCipriani

    They exist, just that they artificially make it as if it doesn’t. Koodo’s 15% tab vs 10% BYOD discount is a clean example.

  • pegger1

    I’ve seen the Telus pricing scheme but where did you see Rogers new pricing?

  • Deciare

    Things aren’t looking too good on that front, with Mobilicity losing money and Wind pending new ownership… I hope that whoever acquires them will continue to expand the AWS HSPA network, but there’s speculation that the AWS HSPA network may be abandoned in favour of an all-LTE network. That’s just going to delay expansion and give the new owners an excuse to raise prices…

    Here’s hoping that mediocre service for cheap lives on!

  • Wufai

    A solution would be to not upgrade at all. Keep the current plan you have, and start buying full price for your new cellphone. Can’t afford it? Buy last year’s flagship, it will be like 50% off the orginal price.

  • pe4nut

    i signed a 3 year in november of 2012 do i still have to be on it for 3 years or is the only way out to pay off the contract?