Latest BlackBerry PlayBook update “improves igloo strength by adding a base of hockey sticks to the exterior”

Ian Hardy

December 20, 2012 2:08pm

RIM has pushed through a small OS update to the BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi. Just 37MB in size, version brings a fix to the in-app payment process some users were experiencing, latest texts now show at the top of the conversation list, plus the MPEG-4 video issue has been resolved.

Probably the greatest addition to this update is the notification message. Solely for us Canadians, RIM noted that “This software release improves igloo strength by adding a base of hockey sticks to the exterior, as well as adding a heard of powerful, angry, yet playful beavers to protect the igloo. Get the Canadian only, igloo software update today at:”

Unfortunately the link above is broken and no longer exists. Nice touch. 40 Days until BlackBerry 10.
If you’ve yet to receive the notice, click “Software Updates” on your PlayBook.

Source: BerryReview

  • some guy

    Well it’s not like the NHL is using them. ^_^

    • EmptyIgloo

      Blackberry Playbook- Released in April 2011!

      -Its Dec 2012: Can the thing send a BBM without a blackberry on sight?

      -Everybody thought that the Playbook at $99 was going to fly, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Adnroid 4.2 (Lower hardware specs) is flying off the shelves at $150 at FS, BB, Walmart, and Staples.

  • dave

    WTF?? “…a *heard* of…beavers”?? Typos and errors may occur from time to time on this site, and that’s somwhat understandable, but did nobody at RIM proof their description first? Really amateurish and disgraceful.

  • J

    I think this is a fantastic showing of humour, and spirit. I like to see a company that has fun, especially for a company with so many “I Agree” buttons. This makes me smile!

  • EvanKr

    How about an NHL update that fixes the lockout bug?

  • 2cf


  • Ge0ff

    lol, that’s pretty awesome.

  • MrHomz

    Got the update yesterday afternoon. Temperature in my house dropped to -40, beavers tore the hell out of my Christmas tree so I chased them away with the hockey sticks. Warmer in the igloo than my living room.

    Overall, a good update. Now where’s my maple syrup?

  • EmptyIgloo

    Too bad the igloo is empty and nobody wants to get into it!

    The Xmas party is at the i-Mansion and Android-Hause, there is another one at the MS-club, but despite being a new party, they are charging cover (Surface at $720 LOL!)

    So you know where to go people!
    Mause in tha housss

  • Lewis

    Awesome. If you don’t at least smile at that update you should probably get a green card and head south.

  • Crank

    I think this goes to show that what RIM really needs to do is show all of their marketing and PR folks the door.

    They couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst.

  • Sam

    Is there something wrong with my comprehension or was this story written by someone on acid? I understood nothing other than there’s a playbook update.

  • Hank

    I still fricken love my playbook. Wifi media transfers are easy, battery life awesome, awesome cameras. It’s perfect for my pawn shop biz but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone that needs a million apps to choose from.