First Windows Phone 8 benchmarks confirm what we suspect: it will be faster

Daniel Bader

July 23, 2012 10:20am

The first benchmarks of a Windows Phone 8 device have been released to the public via an app called WPBench, and the results are predictably tantalizing. The “Juggernaut,” whose name we brought you a few weeks ago with a leaked list of upcoming WP8 devices, scores a 151.14, compared to the next highest score of 97.32. That 55% jump in score is likely attributed to a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, but let us make no mistake: that differential should, and likely will be, a lot higher come launch day.

One has to remember that all second-generation Windows Phones used essentially the same single-core processor, clocked between 1.4 and 1.5Ghz. The Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 is in the S2 chip family; the Snapdragon MSM8960 is in the S4 family. There is likely going to be a speed and efficiency bump alone going from a 45nm to 28nm manufacturing process. Add in another core with new instruction sets and vastly more efficient software and you’re likely going to reach improvements in excess of 100% upon launch day. At least, this is what we hope to see.

Nevertheless, the Juggernaut Alpha (and it is still an alpha) is not messing around — that score is a harbinger of good things to come. Windows Phone 8 will finally be able to compete with iOS and Android in terms of sheer speed, and the apps that go along with that performance boost are going to be highly desirable.

Source: WMPU
Via: PhoneArena

  • lukeiphone

    I’m looking forward to windows 8, more than bb10

  • Max

    Windows Phone 8 will be a serious contender! Can’t wait to switch over to a new high-end Nokia WP8 phone and leave behind my boring iPhone 🙂

  • Amanda

    Yet you will be stock with having to use Internet explorer as a web browser. That browser never runs decently no matter how many cores you through behind it. Can’t choose my own default browser, will not buy.

    • astudent

      I never had any problems. Smoother than some of the android browsers I used 🙂

  • Claudiu

    I am sure Opera will come out with a WP8 version. Opera Turbo is the best for saving data.

  • Dalex

    Let’s hope WP8 is that elusive 3rd main competitor. A duopoly of Android/IOS is going to stagnate innovation and hurt the consumer. WP8 and also BB10 need to get the ball rolling.

  • JLP

    This needs some browser benchmarks, though. SunSpider ?

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Not bad Microsoft.

    However, on the same benchmark, our new Iphone 5 is currently hitting 215.

    Still behind us as usual eh?

    Hehehe 😉

    • Crocography

      Yes Apple Sales Guy, the iPhone will need to hit 215 because Apple will need the first 200 alone to run the OS.

    • Harley

      Haha, yeah but its too bad the Titan that scored 97 is still faster than the iPhone 4S on a daily usage. ;P

    • fred

      The end of the first paragraph plainly states…. “but let us make no mistake: that differential should, and likely will be, a lot higher come launch day.”

      Damn Apple boy, learn to read the whole article before trying to be smarmy.

  • Anthony

    screw you NUTTYR|CH.C0M. F*#@ robot

  • Rupin

    Who told windows phone is slower than iPhone?.. Just compare and see.

  • Brandon

    As much as I like Android, I am absolutely looking forward to dropping it for WP8. I am so sick of the piece-meal upgrades that android has.