Official Wikipedia app debuts for BlackBerry PlayBook

Daniel Bader

April 19, 2012 12:31pm

After a long wait and several unofficial clones, the official Wikipedia app for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been released by the Wikimedia corporation. While relatively austere (as most encyclopedias are) it does the job of browsing the enormous user-curated database of articles, and allowing you to search for “nearby” articles based on subject.

The app can open articles in the browser for a more full-featured experience, and text can be translated into 280 languages.

Check out Wikipedia for PlayBook in the App World.
Via: BerryReview

  • John K.

    Great app! Downloaded it last night, and it works perfectly!

  • Zagabog

    Why the H does it need access to the GPS? DENIED!

  • OneYrL8

    Is that a Playbook picture under “Jurassic”??

  • no1 u no

    Omfg who teh h3ll karz???????? Gawd ipad iz were it @

  • SlimJim

    1 year later because nobody cares about the Playbook

    • BB

      Serious question, If i pad is so great why you always looking at the playbook? Steve jobs brain washed you!

  • 3df

    What’s the benefit of using this app over the regular web page? I don’t see any problem with using Wikipedia from my Playbook web browser.

  • Darren

    Only three months plus a day after the Android version. The gap has narrowed. Skype, on the other hand…

  • Brian

    Sweet, so now the Playbook has ten apps!

    • pd

      I don’t see the point of posts like these. Playbook has 10,000 apps, by the way.