Toshiba Excite Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet coming to Canada in February 2012

Ian Hardy

December 7, 2011 5:03pm

Toshiba Canada will be releasing a follow-up to the Thrive Android tablet soon. The Toshiba Excite will be coming to Canadian soil in a couple months, on their website it states “Coming January 2012”, but we’ve confirmed it’ll actually be released in February. No word yet on price points, but specs have the Excite powered by OS 3.2 Honeycomb, 10.1-inch display, a 1.2GHz CPU, 16GB and 32GB versions, 7.7mm thin, Wi-Fi, 2MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing camera.

We’ll have more info soon!
Source: Toshiba

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  • captain

    Based on the specs it’ll probably be affordable. I’d consider getting one if they get ICS. Toshiba makes reliable products.

  • CADDMan

    Wow, so exciting. Yet another Android tablet. This one really stands out from the rest. I’m so excited that I….wait penny on the ground.

  • howitzer

    “can do it too”

  • Tom

    Their Thrive tablet has a full sized SD slot, which means great storage capacity at a better price, plus compatibility with laptops, cameras, etc.

    I hope this one does too.

    • Drae

      The spec sheet on Toshiba’s site says microSD/mini USB/micro HDMI.

      The 10″ Thrive has full SD/full USB/full HDMI, while the 7″ Thrive has full SD/mini USB/micro HDMI

      I’m sure it will be a quality tablet, but the full SD was definitely a feature that set the Thrive apart.

  • ak

    just buy the playbook.

  • Mischa Price

    so they put the thrive on a diet. that sounds cool …

  • mindo

    Yay, android 3.2!

  • Varley

    can you access full facebook on the thrive or only a limited version? my friend as an acer tablet and can’t access everything on facebook like chat etc. Is there a big difference between the thrive and the blackberry playbook?

  • Deann

    @varley i have the 10″ thrive, yes it can access full facebook, through the browser.

  • henry

    why only android 3.2, specially since there’s going to be better devices coming with ice cream sandwich 4.0

  • God

    Thank me. anything would work eventho its not a fruit. dont be stupid be a tech savvy.