Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia arc OS 2.3.4 now available to download

Ian Hardy

November 24, 2011 7:03am

Sony Ericsson has delivered on a promise from August and have pushed out another Android OS upgrade. Rogers arc customers have been reporting for the past couple days that OS version 2.3.4 is now available to download, bringing a few changes to their beloved Android. If you have the arc, you can go forth and upgrade OTA (over the air).

(Thanks Jayme!)

  • uhhhh

    uhh.. why..? 4.0? Hell, at least 2.3.7..?

  • Greg

    Yup, upgraded mine this morning!!!!

  • Tu

    damn, still no 2.3.4 for my xperia play…

  • wewewi

    Got a friend with that one..

    Guess he chose it to be sure no one else had the same phone in a 100km radius. (He’s the one who bought it in Quebec City)

  • Ken

    Does this update give the phone that snappy little CRT-off animation when you lock the screen?

  • Jayme

    @Ken yes it does.

  • Bob

    Did anyone in Toronto get the update? I don’t have it yet.
    What features does this update give your Arc?

    • JPTN

      More landscape for stock apps.
      Better calendar.
      Drag-to-share from the launcher.
      Folders with icons.
      Panoramic camera.
      More Facebook integration.

      It’s also rootable with “zergRush”.
      Search on YouTube for “BluechipJ”

    • Lee

      I’m in Toronto and I still don’t have it – I’ve been checking OTA periodically this morning but no luck.
      Anyone else attempted the manual approach?

  • Jayme

    I did the manual approach through their “PC Companion” software. 1 AM on Tuesday.

  • Bob

    Does the manual approach delete your apps or remove the root?

    • JPTN

      Over-the-air updates keep all data, apps and root.
      PC Companion tells you if it’s a full wipe or an incremental upgrade.

      Google zergRush. It roots ALL Xperia firmwares.

  • inc

    so if i do ota i wont loose my root?

  • k.

    why only the arc and not the other 2011 xperias on rodgers

  • mark

    i have 2.3.3 installed and it keeps telling me i have the latest os installed i have tried both ota and pc companion 🙁

  • mrakattak

    time hit 11:59 and the website went doen… good news… i could now upgrade to 2.3.4 on my arc lol

  • OttawaUser

    Anyone else’s not working in Ottawa?

  • OttawaUser

    I have tried OTA and PC Companion, and both did not work for my arc LT15a. Any solutions, or ideas to as when Ottawa will get this update?

    • Ryan

      Check if usb debugging is selected. Unselect if it is. I couldnt get mine to work until i tried that.

  • Filk

    In the Toronto area for me and I still don’t see it OTA.

  • Ryan

    In Winnipeg, update not yet available.. 🙁

  • E.S.

    Not available in Montreal ! 🙁

  • Eli

    Hi all, I have a question that Im hoping someone can answer.

    I have an unlocked Rogers Xp. Arc. But Iam currently in Europe. Will I get this update to 2.3.4 or will I have to wait for a european update?