RIM officially announces the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981, a “luxurious modern Smartphone” that costs $2,000 (Video)


  • chall2k5

    wow…..i never thought I’d say thats a hideous berry

  • Chris

    To those who ridiculed the bold 9780 refresh saying it needs a porche…well…there it is!

    • RIMlineup

      This is only the first phone of the NEW and UPDATED RIM lineup for Q4, here is the rest:

      Seriously?? In a BB fashion they are even vague about how many is “limited edition”
      Maybe they will let you know in the Summer…or October… hold on, Feb 2012!

      9905: 9900 with a Screen protector pre-install (it is diferent from the original 9900, so it deserves a new model number)

      9906: With an Otter Case IN the box (9906b Pre-installed)

      9907: With “Bolde” instead of “Bold” engraved in the back

      9908: With “Blackberry 2011” engraved ON the Box

      9909: With the “Official BB pack of Post-It”Charm

      9910: With the “official BB Bumper sticker” in the box

      9911: Bigger box, comes with a Playbook

      etc, etc,

  • Hilman

    How can their handsets actually get uglier with every new release, another week, another disappointment for RIM lol.

    • RIMlineup

      ..And that is why RIMM stock is at $20.4 with a $B10.7 Market Cap; Tim Hortons Market cap is $8B and one share is $50.

      Buyers and stock holders, are voting with their wallets; everyone is expressing their opinion and its not pretty.

  • Wyred4Sound

    That reminds me of the Motorola Q. And that’s not anything to be proud of. If that’s luxury, I’ll stay cheap.

  • jl


  • Peter B

    Right on time for Halloween because that thing is scary looking.

  • John mack


    • Aishah

      something like:Filed under: [Foldername].You can then easily seacrh inbox, sent items etc for that keyword. And file. It wont work for new emails being sent to you but it will help you keep track of those that you have sent, which is usually more important (those are the ones you have gotten yourself committed to).

  • mamasboy

    Motorola Q look a like!

  • Reggie Noble

    This phone has “douchbag” written all over it. Anyone that buys this phone probably looks in the mirror for an hour a day, wears a tonne of cologne, has their shirt collar popped up, has two bluetooth devices in each ear, listens to cheesy techno music loud, wears skinny jeans, and drives a convertible.

    • tbr

      also p***s envy

      This phone is another sign that the company is in deep trouble. The think the marketing department needs a hair cut.

  • mike

    Am I the only one who actually likes this design?! Its got a very motorola/industrial feel to it.

  • Steve


  • ram


  • TheTigerTek

    $2000.00?? Its ok Porsche I’ll just keep my Bold 9900.

  • Terry

    This is the ugliest phone ever seen!

  • Gab

    don’t knock it before you try it….. but by limited number of supply they probably mean limited number of people who are going to buy it..

  • Peter B

    Looks like Homer Simpsons brother may get fired again 🙂

  • schultzter

    I guess this one tactic they could try. If normal people won’t buy their phones then perhaps they can sell to vain people with more money than good sense.

  • Jon

    Reminds me of when the RAZR was $1200. Some people will buy anything that they think makes them look special or exclusive.

  • max

    Its design reminds me one of the SE phones couple years ago… Can’t recall the name of it.

  • Darren

    With a name like that why just a 1ghz VW engine?
    What a joke.

  • Dewey

    Once again proving that wealth is not synonymous with taste.

  • F Hamojo

    $2000 for a phone? What are they smoking at RIM?

    • Fatz

      This phone is not going to be marketed to Joe North American. There’s a reason it was debuted in Dubai…they’ll pay an exorbitant amount of money (i.e. $2000) to stand out and be different. They also love their BBs.

  • GTP20


    • saffant

      ‘Ridonkulous’ more like.

      For 2 grand, it better know how to make me breakfast.

  • Anthony E.

    I think it looks kinda nice. The keyboard’s look ruins it though. Certainly not worth $2000 though!

  • Blair

    ..And that is why RIMM stock is at $20.4 with a $B10.7 Market Cap; Tim Hortons Market cap is $8B and one share is $50.

    What does Tim Horton have to do with anything? You’re comparing apples to zebras.

    And if RIMM declares a reverse 1:100 split and each stock is worth $2040 but market cap is still at $10B, would that change your opinion about what investors are saying?

  • Richie Rick

    Damn!! I JUST bought my Vertu and now this comes out. 2000$ so I can have an EXCLUSIVE pin sounds awesome. I’d pay 10000$ for this phone and have it gold plated and covered in swarovski crystals.

  • andy c

    isn’t this the same country that want’s to monitor BBM’s and email’s?

    apparently all it takes is a flashy, exclusive and expensive phone to make them happy.

  • phoneguy1

    This phone isn’t marketed for this market, and for a good reason, we think it is ugly. But in Dubai and other arab countries, they might think that this is a status symbol as cars are over there. RIM is not that stupid and I am excited to see how this phone will sell overseas.

  • iEtthy

    Awesome. Besidse blackberrys are not for everyone, as it has been reported people with a more expensive “Taste” often buy blackberrys. Let the 99% deal with Androids and iPhones.

  • MARS

    @Jon The Razr was never $1200!!!

  • Bob

    Just ordered mine. I don’t think I have any room left in the budget to pay for a data plan with any of the big 3!! I guess I am going to have a “Porsche” sitting on my desk not being used!

  • Ulysses

    For those who can’t afford to buy a Porsche car. Here is your chance to own something Porsche. HA HA

  • pnoy2pogi87

    RIM you screwed yourselves… That’s it I’m moving to iPhone!!!

  • Timothy709

    What an ugly a*s phone.

  • Michael

    Looks like Windows Phone 7 got help from Nokia
    and Android will get help from Blackberry.

  • gillles

    how to order?

  • mark

    Its quite modern looking… not bad but I don’t see the reason for the ridiculous price unless it has to do with the processor, I’m not too tech savvy

  • ralphy

    awesome!!! can’t wait to get it!!!

  • Samuel Egbuka

    With $2000 i can see myself through the university and start producing a better phone.

  • Junaid Habib


    I love the BB porsche ,my question is where can I buy this ,as in Canada I have searched every website ,every store.but no luck would really appreciate if you could guide me .looking forward from you.

    Junaid Habib

  • zhao wu

    the price of this phone much not change,i love the bb porsche desige,best phone on earth