Samsung announces Galaxy S and S II sales surpass the 30 million mark

Ian Hardy

October 17, 2011 8:07am

The original Samsung Galaxy S was released in 2010 and was widely accepted by millions of users around the world. The device itself was recognized by Google for becoming the first Android to reach the 10 million handset milestone, something that was accomplished in 7  short months. Since then, the Galaxy S II was launched and completely smashed through the 10 million mark in 5 months. Samsung has announced today that the combined total sales of these devices has now surpassed 30 million in global sales. As for numbers, the Galaxy S makes up for 66% with 20 million handsets and the Galaxy S II is standing still at 10 million units, representing 34%. The Galaxy S II results should dramatically increase as the device was recently released in the United States on several carriers, plus in Canada we’ll soon see TELUS release the Galaxy S II X and Rogers with the Galaxy S II LTE.

JK Shin of Samsung said “The phenomenal success of these smartphones once again demonstrates how the GALAXY S smartphones is setting the standard for smart mobile technology around the world.”

Source: IntoMobile
Via: TNW

  • astudent

    congrats samsung! it is a solid phone

  • kriEv

    Speaking of TELUS.. rumoured release date was october 19th. Still no news from this? it’s 2 days away!! :S i need a new phone badly!!

    • Ben

      A salesperson at a Telus store told me that they were coming this week and she thought they would hit the $100 mark on a 3 year.

  • TeknoBug

    This is something you hear so little about because Apple is such a big deal to the media, from what it seems, Samsung has been selling more of these than Apple has sold iPhone 4. I know Apple has sold millions and millions and millions of iPods, I see them everywhere on commuter trains and buses and downtown cities.

    • Ants

      I don’t know where you get your numbers, but Apple sells 20 million iPhones per QUARTER. Good on Samsung for keeping Apple honest, but not quite surpassing their sales yet.

  • KidCanada

    This phone makes the iPhone look like an overpriced POS. Keep the awesome phones coming Samsung!

  • jim

    My friend tried to show me his Samsung the other night but the battery was dead. It was funny. He said this thing always dies on me. I laughed. What a moron.

    • b

      @jim Worst troll ever. Please, just stop trying. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Pahech

    Some friend you are for saying he’s a moron.

    Oh wait, you are just making this up. Nevermind.

  • Mike

    iPhone killer

  • MikeMike

    Yay Samsung… lets hope this trend continues…

    Set from my Samsung Galaxy SII.

  • BM

    id be smiling too if i sold 30000000 of something!

  • Roy

    I really want this phone and im plnninag on getting it today but i heard that the battery doesnt last very long and that it freezes alot also i heard that if you drop this phone it will break the screen. and im a teenage girl who texts ALOT and i drop my phone occasionally. the insurance wont cover a broken screen. are these rumors true? if so, do you still recommend this phone? if not what phone do you recommend?