BlackBerry 7 browser performance is faster than the iPhone, Android

Ian Hardy

May 2, 2011 2:39pm

RIM officially announced the BlackBerry 7 OS today and during the presentation this morning at BlackBerry World I snapped a pic of the browser experience we can eventually expect. RIM points out their competition will lag behind them, in this case the iPhone 4, Nexus One and Nexus S. The slide shows that BlackBerry 7 OS is “now one of the elite browsers in mobile today” with the capacity to load pages 1.6 times faster than OS 6. RIM also reveals that an average web page on the 9900 loads in 7.81 seconds and the Torch falls way behind and loads in a long 12.4 seconds. In addition, RIM has verified stats by SunSpider (JavaScript benchmark test) that reveals the 9900executes in 2.84 seconds, the iPhone comes in second at 3.23, while both Android devices come are over 5 seconds. Finally, last place is the Torch 9800 with a very long 10.8 seconds. It’s now known what web page was loaded.

When we had the hands on time with 9900 the browser did render pages incredibly quickly with no lag time.

  • Riday

    BB 9900 will be my next phone.

    • Jake

      Me too. Lots of BB goodness!
      Can’t wait.

  • Matt Polkiewicz

    Yawn. I’m sure iPhone 5 will blow it away. Rim’s always comparing their unreleased products with year old ones.

    • Jamma

      Yes that’s right the iphone 4 is years old…Oh that’s right the OS hasn’t changed in 4+ years…same old icons

    • Jake

      I’m sure iPhone 5 will blow. Same old OS they’ve had since the original iPhone… yawn.

  • George

    Yea and rim says this? nothing can beat mobile safari one of the best browsing experiences.

  • GrapeApe

    @ Matt… “Rim’s always comparing their unreleased products with year old ones.”

    They learned that from Apple. Take last year’s tech, re-package it in a friendly fruity shell and sell it to you die-hard fans.

    Apple’s just better at pretending they are on the cutting edge and invented everything, so their Fanb0is parrot it like religious zealots.

  • Rory

    yeah, well, my dad can beat up your dad.

  • KingK

    I’ll believe when I see it. Loading less pixels on a smaller screen probably should be faster…..

    What sites did they use? I want to try it on my atrix. I’m sure it will beat it.

  • KingK

    There’s no way this thing scores less than 2000ms on the browser test. That’s what it needs to compete.

  • Luqman

    Slow and steady wins the race 😉

  • Terry

    Good. I’m glad a phone company is pushing for a competent browser experience then just relying on the outdated concept of apps.

    • Greedy

      “Outdated concept of apps.” Um, I think you’ve got this one a*s backwards, dude.

  • OMG Ponies!

    I’ll be interested to see how it holds up against the dual-core monsters being released on Android, especially when they are running 2.3+.

  • loser

    what a hideous ppt ?

  • jmmm

    Says blackberry

  • malk omo


  • malk omo