Apple’s Schiller says the white iPhone 4 isn’t thicker “don’t believe all the junk that you read”


  • David

    typical apple response.

  • Susan

    When will Apple ever admit they screwed up??? A picture says a thousand words.

  • SherVin

    yea dont believe all the junk you read! LISTEN to all the junk that apple says instead!

  • T

    Just another reason I can’t stand Apple. Why buy products from a company that can’t acknowledge the mistakes they made?

  • George

    Apple makes me wanna puke, this is a company that lies and says whenever they screw up it’s somehow your fault.

    • CaptSteelBalz

      This is exactly how a cult work.

  • Tom

    Apple is pathetic

  • Danbo

    Silly Apple, tricks are for kids!

  • GoWindGo

    Apple didn’t use any standard measuring techniques. They developed a new one that they will unleash upon the world. It will be called iMeasure. In the iMeasure world, those 2 devices have the exact same dimensions.

  • WarpedMonkey

    Since we are reading what he wrote and we don’t have to believe all the junk we read, the iPhone 4 white is thicker.

  • Justin Credible

    You’re looking at the picture wrong.

  • Ryan

    Is there no apple iphone users out there who know how to use a micrometer? Simple, measure the damn phones with a micrometer to 0.002 mm. The micrometer isn’t going to lie.

    • Jamesology

      You expect Apple users to use such a device? You are fully aware that these are the same people that needed an App to add 15% on a 20$ bill.

  • Jonesy1966

    There’s nothing wrong with the antenna either, you’re just holding it wrong.

  • Brian J

    who cares !

    • rulerxy

      the people who switched out their black iphone for the white one and planned on using their case.

  • dhar

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.
    Pretentious douche baggery, from Apple no less who woulda thought?!

  • Rookie

    They are like Go transit in Toronto.. The train is not late unless it is more than 10 mins….. LOL….

  • vlad mihaelesci

    steve jobs is god

    • Chris

      Your religion is a fail.

  • Mathieu

    Yes, ‘don’t believe all the junk you read’ but believe what you see 😉
    Maybe the first hundreds of White iPhones 4 released with the Black iPhone 4 weren’t thicker, but all the White iPhones 4 available now are thicker.

    The same Apple way, Apple is not tracking iPhone location but Apple is building a wireless location service based on all iPhones locations … and Apple will release an iOS update for fix the major security issue that let anyone access this information… this update will also actually let the user opt-out from this service.

    Android devices have the features of the future update since Android v1.0.

  • Lance W

    They’re not measuring it the right way.

  • George

    Your case is wrong go buy another one. Or your eye sight is wrong.

  • stephan

    Guess black is truly slimming

  • Eddie

    Why do Apple always lie in the true face of evidence… it’s like they purposefully do it. I think they are trying to mimic the cult/religion brain washing techniques in the face of evidence. Don’t ever believe the junk from Apple.

    • Colin

      Because the get away with it.

  • KeiFeR123

    I think Apple painted white over a black iPhone 4 thats why it is .2 mm thicker. 🙂

    • scotia guy

      good one! 🙂

  • brendan

    funny no apple fanboys commented… probably because they cant find an excuse to be right

  • Red

    Does it even matter?

    People would pay $600 for a punch in the face as long as it came from Apple.

    • sookster54

      “thank you sir, may I have another?”

      “that’ll be another $600, please”

  • Brrr

    I’ve tried my white iPhone in three different cases now (one crystal hardshell, one leather slider, and one silicone skin), and it fits perfectly fine in all of them, no issues. If there is a difference, it’s imperceptible.

    • Daniel Leibowitz

      ^Which is exactly why we expected Apple to just admit that it is thicker.

  • Tim709

    Who cares..

  • sookster54

    I wonder how cases like the OtterBox skin for the iPhone 4 fits in by just .2mm, normally .2mm is no big deal but sometimes skins that are specifically designed for a certain size could be a squeeze fit.

  • Nick

    He’s right. The white iphone 4 is an iphone 4. iphone 4 measures what an iphone 4 measures. you’re measuring it wrong.

  • Marion

    whoa whoa whoa wait. let’s ask this question: Who the heck actually cares about perceived size difference?