Rogers prices Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus at $599.99 no-contract

Kate O'Brien

November 5, 2010 1:43pm

There isn’t really much about Rogers Q4 device lineup that haven’t been revealed. They will be releasing the following devices: BlackBerry Bold 9780, Dell Streak, Samsung Focus, Nokia N8 and the Samsung Tab. We’ve revealed pricing for most of these but there was a few outstanding. You can check out the price plans for the Samsung Tab here ($674.99 no-contract) and Streak here ($599.99 no-contract) … but looking at the internal doc shows the following price plans for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus to be $199.99 on a 3-year and $599.99 no-contract. In addition, the Nokia N8 will be priced at $79.99 on a 3-year and $449.99 no-contract.

Via: BGR

  • Rui

    I am looking forward to the N8. I just don’t like that they are disabling some of it’s features… Video calling is not listed on that report yet it is part of the device for example.

  • Endi

    The n8’s price is really good, probably first time Rogers doesn’t overcharge on non-contract. For the Focus, I’d say wait for the probably Best Buy or FutureShop rebate

  • Shaun

    $599.99 no contract and $199.99 for a 3 year contract seems pretty damn expensive.

    • Cziggy

      Thats the same price as AT&T in the states.

    • zorxd

      except that for AT&T it’s on 2 years

  • Double Down

    Any word on release date for the Samsung Focus? Rogers still has not confirmed whether they will be launching this phone on Nov 8th.

    • Cziggy

      There has been no offical release date and these are internal documents from Rogers, so even with the pricing being legit, these haven’t even been announced to the public. I cant see the Focus happening till late Nov sadly.

  • Rob

    Awesome! Now they just need to release a launch date.

  • Abe

    good price points for the N8…not so much for the Samsung Focus.

  • Colin

    What about a release date for the Samsung Focus? Considering national North American launch day is in three days and no word from Rogers……

  • Andrew

    I’m told that we’ll either have the phones in hand or a firm ship date next week for certain, with a likely ship date of Monday, November 8th.

    Finally…a smartphone with (what looks like) a camera worth using.

    • TheCyberKnight

      I called them twice this week and no one (neither the Rogers Plus store or the Rogers home office) has a clue about when the Focus will be available.

      I can’t believe they won’t be present at launch. They had all the necessary time to prepare this.

  • Jim R

    I’d wager that Rogers disables the AWS band on the N8 so it can’t be used on Wind and Mobilicity. Which would be too bad as that’s one of its key features (to me at least).

    • Terry

      Not that it matters, they make it hard enough as it is to unlock most of their phones.

  • Colin

    PLEASE Rogers, launch this on the 8th, I would like my phone at the same time as the rest of the world and especially at the same time as Telus and Bell are launching their phones.

  • Daniel Aguilar

    I’d like to know if the Focus will be Unlockable to work with Bell.

  • WP7fan

    c’moooon Rogers… AT&T is ready to sell on their site right now. Bell sent me emails about today launch and Telus has TV ads… are you gonna let everyone down?