Diablo IV is immortalizing first 1,000 players to hit level 100 on Hardcore

That means you can't die before you reach level 100

Diablo IV

Diablo IV is looking to immortalize some of its players in a fun way.

If you love a challenge, Diablo IV offers a hardcore mode, and the first 1,000 players to reach level 100 will get their names added to a statue of Lilith.

The hardcore mode is pretty challenging, as a single death permanently deletes your character, so you’ll have to live for a very long time if you aim to complete the game with this mode.

After you’ve reached level 100, you’ll need to send a photo or video to Blizzard, alongside a tweet to the official Diablo account using the hashtag #Diablo4Hardcore with also your Battle.net BattleTag. You’ll also need the Tempered Champion in-game title, which you get when you reach level 100 in hardcore mode.

This contest starts when Diablo IV enters early access on June 1st, and then the first 1,000 names or whoever has sent them in by September 1st, whichever comes first.

In March, I played the early-access Diablo IV beta and had a great time slaying demons. Even on normal mode, I died a couple of times by the end of the beta, so you’ll have to be a lot better than me to make it through hardcore mode.

Diablo IV early access opens on June 1st ahead of an official launch on June 6th.

Source: @Diablo