Xbox clips can no longer be shared directly to Twitter

Game clips can still be shared to Twitter through the Xbox mobile app

Xbox Series X

Xbox users will no longer be able to share their game clips or screenshots directly to Twitter through the console or the game bar on Windows after the company announced that it had removed the feature.

There are still options to share game clips to the site, albeit more inconvenient. Clips can be downloaded through the Xbox mobile app and uploaded from there. Users can also copy their Xbox captures onto a USB drive and access them from their computer for those gaming victories that must be shared with everyone.

The change seems slightly out of left field from the company but might have something to do with Twitter’s recent actions, including the site’s decision to start charging for API access.

Twitter recently landed in hot water by beginning to remove all legacy verified checkmarks from accounts.

Microsoft also recently said it would soon remove Twitter integration from its social media management tool for advertisers, refusing to pay the site’s high API fees.

Upon hearing this, Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed that Microsoft had illegally used his company’s data, and that a lawsuit was in order.

Whether or not this is true, or if Musk follows through with a lawsuit, the reason gamers won’t be able to share their clips to Twitter easily looks to stem from the recent tension between the two companies.

Source: @Xbox Via: Engadget