Microsoft introduces its Bing Chat AI to Swiftkey on Android

The keyboard is capable of learning users' writing styles and will allow text to be rewritten

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Thanks to Microsoft, Bing Chat AI is now available on its SwiftKey Keyboard for Android.

The addition launched on April 5th and allows SwiftKey Beta users to access Microsoft’s Bing chatbot with one simple tap in any app with SwiftKey.

The keyboard is capable of learning users’ writing styles and will allow text to be rewritten and web searches for answers to be made.

To access the new Bing Chat addition, users will need to download the beta version of SwiftKey from the Google Play Store. There is currently no word on when SwiftKey iOS users will be able to access a beta test.

Microsoft’s CTO of mobile and commerce, Pedram Rezaei took to Twitter to confirm that the feature is slowly being rolled out.

Microsoft did quickly return SwiftKey to the App Store after discontinuing support for iOS last year. At that time, Rezaei said Microsoft will be “investing heavily in the keyboard.”

Although updates have been rare for the iOS version of SwiftKey, the addition to Android could mean that it’s only a matter of time before Bing integration appears on the iPhone keyboard.

As of April 13th, the company is offering access to the chatbot in the company’s SwiftKey keyboard, including on iOS. Additionally, the integration allows for greater access to the bot in group chats on Skype and a new integration with Microsoft Start.

Update 04/13/2023: This story has been updated to include Microsoft’s integration of SwiftKey on iOS.

Source: @pedram_re Via: The Verge