San Antonio man uses AirTag to track stolen truck, confrontation turns deadly

The San Anotnio man's truck was stolen from his driveway


Apple’s AirTag was pivotal in a case of car theft recovery in the U.S this past week.

The $39 tracker uses ultra-wideband technology to share its location, which can be seen on the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. This past week, a San Antonio, Texas resident whose truck was stolen decided to take the matter of retrieving his vehicle into his own hands.

As reported by MySanAntonio (via 9to5Mac), the person’s truck was stolen from his Northside home on Wednesday, March 29th. Fortunately, there was an AirTag inside the car. Using the location of this AirTag, he was able to track down his truck, which was found parked in a shopping center across town.

According to the report, the person called the police to report that his truck had been stolen but did not wait for the police’s assistance. He tracked down the vehicle and confronted the car thief. The police say that upon confronting the thief, some sort of disagreement ensued, and the situation escalated quickly. Police say that at this point, the details become a bit unclear, but according to the car theft victim, he believed the suspected car thief was armed with a gun, leading to a deadly firefight.

The suspected car thief was shot and pronounced dead, and police say they could not confirm if more than one weapon was found at the scene. The car theft victim reportedly stayed at the scene of the shooting, complied with police, and was taken into custody for questioning. The shooter is not expected to face charges, according to a San Antonio Police department spokesperson Nick Soliz, but an investigation is still ongoing.

This case serves as a reminder to the public that it is important to wait for the police in such matters. “Let us go with you. We have training,” said Soliz. While AirTag can be an effective tool for locating stolen items, it is crucial to exercise caution and leave any confrontations to the professionals.

Source: MySanAntonio Via: 9to5Mac