Google tests Messages tweak that adds contact photos to chats

The change showed up in the Messages beta for some

Google likes to test all kinds of little tweaks and changes in its apps, and the latest is a small update to Messages that would add a contact photo to the top of your conversations.

Currently, the Messages app shows a contact’s name at the top of the screen when viewing the conversation, along with icons to start a video call, phone call, or search the chat. However, in Messages version ‘20230313_01_RC00.phone.openbeta_dynamic,’ the top bar gets the contact photo on the left side of the name.

Unfortunately, the addition of the contact photo means the search function gets relegated to the overflow menu. That could be a major inconvenience if you often search your conversations.

On the whole, I think having the contact photo is a net positive. It should make it easier to parse who you’re talking with at a glance.

Interestingly, Android Police notes that the contact photo change isn’t showing for people who download the beta, indicating the roll out could be limited in some way or another. That’s hardly a surprise though, given Google A/B tests just about every minor addition to its apps.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Android Police