Competition Bureau updates its arguments against Rogers-Shaw approval

The bureau will face the Federal Court of Appeal on January 24th

The Competition Bureau has updated its appeal on the Competition Tribunal’s decision to approve Rogers’ takeover of Shaw.

If the $26-billion merger is approved, Vidéotron will acquire Freedom Mobile under a separate acquisition. The side deal played a major role during the weeks-long tribunal hearing that ultimately favoured the Rogers-Shaw merger.

The case is now heading to the Federal Court of Appeal. The bureau filed its initial appeal on December 31st, arguing the hearing should’ve solely focused on the larger merger at hand, despite the tribunal stating it would’ve reached its conclusion either way.

The bureau updated its appeal on Friday, according to The Globe and Mail, to argue the tribunal failed to explain why it would’ve reached the same conclusion, resulting in a legal error. The updated appeal further states the tribunal failed to properly apply the legal test analyzing mergers.

The parties will present their cases on January 24th.

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Via: The Globe and Mail