Zoom video conferencing coming to Tesla vehicles

The Tesla is the office of the future

Zoom says its app is coming to “all new Tesla models soon.”

Little else is known about the video chatting app on wheels, but the video suggests the in-cabin camera (mounted above the rearview mirror) will be used, and then the main screen will display who you’re meeting with.

This is exciting since the Tesla’s in-car camera hasn’t been used for anything beyond ensuring drivers keep their hands on the wheel during auto-pilot driving. The camera angle in the demo footage doesn’t look like it’s coming from this camera, however.

To me, it appears much too low-angled, so it will be interesting to see what quality it actually records in when it rolls out.

Regardless, using the car’s in-built microphones is likely not a bad way to make a digital call.

Source: Zoom Via: Drive Tesla Canada