Google reveals new, more customizable Home app

The tech giant's smart home app is finally getting a much-needed redesign


Google’s smart home hub app is finally getting a facelift.

According to the tech giant, the new app’s goal is to offer users more customization through a new ‘Favourites tab’ that aims to make it easier to access the smart home devices you use the most. As someone with dozens of connected devices in their Home app but only regularly accesses a few of them, I’m looking forward to this feature.

The tech giant is also adding a new feature to Home called ‘Spaces’ that allows you to group several smart home devices under one category. For example, if you have a pet camera and feeder for your cat, you can now create a custom space. Google says that the new Home app also features pre-created Spaces for categories like lights, cameras and thermostats.

Other new features include an in-app media mini player that lets you see what content is playing in your home and a refreshed Nest camera experience that gives you quick information about your device directly in the Home app. For example, you can now find important moments captured by the new Nest Doorbell directly in the Home app.

Finally, Google is also expanding ‘Household Routines’ to support more smart home devices and has plans to launch a detailed Home app script editor in 2023. It’s also worth mentioning that overall, Google’s new Home app looks cleaner and easier to navigate.

The new Home app is coming to iOS and Android through Google’s public preview program in the coming weeks. It’s unclear when the final version of Google’s new Home app will be released.

Google also recently revealed its new Nest Doorbell and Nest Wifi Pro.

Image credit: Google