Samsung’s self-repair program debuts to Galaxy device owners

The do-it-yourself option is not available in Canada -- at least not yet

Samsung is allowing Galaxy S20, S21 and Galaxy Tab S7+ device owners to make their own repairs.

The technology giant is collaborating with iFixit to deliver the program. Noted for being a leader in the online repair community, customers wanting to make their own repairs can buy device parts on iFixit. Samsung 837 and Samsung retail locations will also offer genuine device parts.

Users can replace their phone screen, back glass, and charging ports. Customers can also view repair guides for free online.

The program builds on the company’s plan to expand “convenient repairs” and extend the lifespan of devices.

“Samsung is continually offering more convenient options for consumers to extend the use of their devices, promote a circular economy, and minimize e-waste,” Mark Williams, vice-president of customer care at Samsung Electronics America, said.

“Samsung Self-Repair is another way for customers to prolong the life of their devices, before they are recycled.”

The company will be offering return labels to allow consumers to return unwanted parts back to Samsung at no extra cost. Samsung says it will expand the program to include more devices and repair options. However, it’s important to note the program is not available in Canada at this time.

Samsung is not the first company to offer such a program. Back in November, Apple launched its own DIY repair program for iPhone and Mac. 

Samsung offers several other options to help Galaxy smartphone owners extend the lifespan of their devices.

In-person, Same Day Service allows U.S. residents to access thousands of locations for device repair, with wait times mostly lasting less than two hours. Furthermore, their ‘We Come To You Service’ allows customers to get their device repaired by a mobile team member.

Source: Samsung