Real cats really like Stray

Is Stray a game actually made for cats?


Stray allows you to you control a cat in a city devoid of human life.

You can scratch carpets, curl up on bookshelves, eat food, knock objects on the ground and meow. MobileSyrup’s Patrick O’Rouke covered the game, and one of the things he mentions is when the in-game cat meows, it causes his real-life pet cat to come investigate.

“You can also make the cat meow on command, and the noise comes directly through the PS5 DualSense gamepad’s built-in speaker as well as the television. This caused my real-life pet cat to come barreling into the room, only to leave a few minutes later confused after not finding a feline friend meowing in my office.”

And it looks like his cat is not alone.

Below is a collection of tweets sharing their cats’ reactions to the new PlayStation 5/4 and PC title:

There’s even a ‘Cats Watching Stray’ Twitter account retweeting all the lovely felines watching Stray. To learn more about Stray, check out our in-depth look at the title here.

Source: @CatsWatchingStray