Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack can now charge at 7.5W speeds

The Qi-compatible battery pack still doesn't charge at 15W wirelessly

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack

Following a recent firmware update, Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack can now charge wirelessly at 7.5W speeds instead of 5W.

According to a recently updated Apple support document (via MacRumors), the firmware update (2.7.b.0) that brings faster charging speeds to the battery pack, dropped earlier this week. To check what firmware update your MagSafe Battery Pack is running, navigate to ‘Settings,’ ‘General’ and then ‘About.’

Similar to Apple’s AirPods, this update can be done by connecting the MagSafe Battery Pack to an iPhone (this process can take up to a week), though it’s also possible to perform the update in just a few minutes using an iPad or a Mac through a Lightning cable.

This is a long-overdue update on Apple’s part given most other MagSafe compatible accessories can charge at 15W. The MagSafe Battery Pack is capable of 15W wireless Qi charging, but strangely, only when it’s plugged into a power source.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery pack costs $119 in the Apple Store.

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Image credit: Apple 

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors