Three trends that will dominate Twitter in Canada this year

The social media company analyzed billions of tweets to give Canadians a heads-up

Multiple trends go viral every year, and Twitter wants to ensure its users know what lies ahead.

The social media giant analyzed billions of tweets over two years and believes three trends surrounding the environment, digital fans, and finance “are about to go big” in Canada this year.

The Great Restoration

The past two years spent under the dark cloud of COVID-19 have shifted the way people talk about the planet. Burnout has led people to focus on wellness differently, prioritizing reclaiming green space and building connections that improve their health and the people around them.

“Instead of obsessing with everything wrong with the world, “the planet will restore when we do” is an attitude shift that no one saw coming,” the analysis notes.

Fan-Built Worlds

“Fans no longer just follow, they’re calling the shots,” Twitter notes in its analysis. Fans have morphed from being dedicated to a person, cause, or group, to being part of the process. The analysis showed that the term “stanning,” or being an overzealous fan, decreased by 53 percent.

“This is an epic shift in power,” the analysis notes. People are no longer waving from the sidelines; they’re a part of the process of collaboration that puts them in the (shared) owner’s seat.

Finance Goes Social

Older generations would build wealth by buying property. Today, property ownership is not something a lot of people can afford. Young people have shifted the way they’re building wealth, focusing on virtual means instead, and it’s easy to do so. Gatekeeping financial information was left behind with the older generation as experts now freely share their finance knowledge with all. Tweets on finance have increased by 173 percent yearly among users who aren’t financial experts.

Source: Twitter