Apple says it will fix Studio Display camera issues with software update

It's currently unclear if the cause of the problem is tied to software or hardware

Studio Display

Apple’s Studio Display has received a mixed reception from tech YouTubers, bloggers and journalists, with many citing its built-in webcam as lacklustre.

Despite featuring the same 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera as the latest iPad Air, early reviews state that the shooter is grainy and bad at handling adverse lighting conditions. Some go so far as to say that ‘Centre Stage,’ Apple’s technology that tracks the subject in the camera’s frame, doesn’t work at all. In my experience, I found the Studio Display’s built-in camera to be pretty good as long as I wasn’t using FaceTime, which is strange given it’s an Apple video chat platform.

In fact, I found the quality to be close to on par with the 14-inch MacBook Pro’s excellent built-in webcam. Overall, I found the 5K Studio Display to be a decent monitor, though I’m disappointed it doesn’t support a 120Hz refresh rate at lower resolutions.

Following these reports, an Apple spokesperson told several publications that it’s working on a fix and has “identified some issues where the Studio Display is not delivering the image quality they expected, and they will be making improvements in future software updates.”

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Via: The Wall Street Journal