Android 12L Beta 2 animations reveal more about upcoming foldable Pixel

The phone might feature an Oppo Find N-like body

While previous leaks indicated that Google cancelled its foldable project, it looks like that isn’t the case after all.

9to5Google looked into several animations found in the recent Android 12L Beta 2 update and uncovered that some showcase a SIM card going into the device. It looks like the foldable’s volume rocker is on the handset’s right side, even when unfolded. This is similar to the Z Fold 3 that also features a volume rocker on its right side.

Further, the SIM card tray is placed on the bottom left side of the device when unfolded.

It looks like the Pixel Fold animation shows that the phone will feature an 8.4:9 aspect ratio that’s more square-like and in line with the Oppo Find N’s design. Previous device leaks made the device look like it featured a 22.5:18 aspect ratio similar to the Z Fold 3.

9to5Google did some measurements and says it believes that the Pixel Fold will sport a 7:8 aspect ratio if the phone still has the rumoured 7.6-inch display.

A previous rumour indicated that Google cancelled its foldable phone due to competition with the Z Fold 3. However, with a different form factor that’s reportedly more suitable for multitasking and app usage, Google might have the edge over the South Korean phone maker in the foldable space.

Source: 9to5Google

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