BlackBerry and University of Waterloo launch research program addressing global water issues

The university is home to the Water Institute, one of the only institutions in the world focusing on water related challenges

The University of Waterloo’s Water Institute and BlackBerry have recently entered a partnership to address water-related challenges across the world.

The Water Institute is a program focusing on the economics of water, its research, and global challenges.

The partnership has led to the launch of the Water Innovation Challenge. The goal is for professors and students part of the program to propose projects outlining how BlackBerry’s existing technology can be advanced while tackling challenges related to water, such as the cybersecurity of water systems.

The challenge will specifically be referencing the sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations. The goals include clean water and sanitation for all and the conservation of oceans.

“The Water Institute at the University of Waterloo is thrilled to be partnering with BlackBerry to catalyze technological innovation to advance progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” Roy Brouwer, the program’s executive director, said in a statement. “The Water Innovation Challenge will connect our researchers to BlackBerry technologies in new ways to address the most urgent global challenges of today.”

Applications can be submitted between January 10 and February 24. The program’s website provides additional resources, such as information sessions, for interested applicants.

Image credit: United Nations 

Source: BlackBerry