Cyber Monday deal from Koodo, Virgin Plus and Fido offers 20GB for $55

These deals are only available today

Flanker brands Koodo, Virgin Plus and Fido are offering a pretty sweet ‘Cyber Monday’ promotion.

The today-only plan offers 20GB of data for $55 per month. This plan is only available for bring-your-own-device customers, according to the offer’s fine print.

The promotion comes with unlimited calling, unlimited Canada-wide and international texts. This plan typically costs $60/15GB. And with Koodo mobile this plan also comes with $50 off your first bill.

It’s worth noting that Fido states this offer is for bring-your-own-device customers only, but it’s also advertised as being for new activations and hardware upgrades. The deal is likely restricted to the former given that’s how the other flanker brands are presenting the deal, but we’ve reached out to Fido for clarification.

Via: iPhone in Canada