This Toronto-developed AR app aims to introduce kids to climate change

"Our story begins with a seed. Where it grows next is up to you."

Toronto-based design and experience agency Jam3 has partnered with the Canada Media Fund to launch a new child-focused augmented reality (AR) app called Wild Cities.

Wild Cities, which was first conceptualized in 2019, focuses on teaching kids about different types of wildlife and plants with an overarching goal of educating the younger generation about climate change in an easy-to-understand and interactive manner.

According to the latest UN Climate Change Report, climate change is happening fast, and Jam3 feels it’s now more crucial than ever to educate the next generation about the potential effects of climate change on their future.

“Bringing awareness and educating the younger generation on climate change is something that’s close to our hearts, and being able to create an engaging experience utilizing our AR technology is powerful,” said Laura Cortes, creative director at Jam3, in a press statement.

An interactive voice-activated AR story guides the app experience with a total of five chapters. Each story takes you on a journey to discover flora and fauna found not just in Canada, but all across the world.

The main storyline takes users on a journey where countless animals go missing owing to pollution and climate change. Your role is to help a ‘Magic Tree’ clean the air and bring the animals back. Similar chapters throughout the story educate kids about the effects on the environment and climate caused by humans in a kid-friendly manner.

The app is available in four languages: English, French, German, and Luxembourgish, and is currently free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Image credit: Jam3