Android 12 is now available for Google’s Pixel smartphones

The update brings a very cool new design to the phones


If you have Google’s Pixel 3 series or newer, you can finally download Android 12.

The most significant update involved in Android 12 is Google’s new ‘Material You’ user interface that changes colours to match your wallpaper. You’ll also notice updated icons, volume sliders and notifications that show off the new look.

Google has also added in a new System search that makes navigating the phone a lot easier and a few other privacy updates like notifications indicating apps are using your microphone and camera.

The update is specifically coming to the Pixel 3a series, the Pixel 3 series, the Pixel 4 and 4a series and the Pixel 5. Of course, the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will also ship with Android 12 and get five years of security updates.

If you want to download the update, launch your device’s ‘Settings’ app and navigate down to the ‘System’section. From there, select ‘System update.’

The update will be coming to OnePlus, Motorola and Samsung phones at a later date.

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