Searching ‘climate change’ on Google will soon yield better results

The update is scheduled to roll out later in October in English, French and Spanish

Google is improving the results it provides when users ask questions about climate change.

In a company update on sustainability initiatives, Google announced its plans to add a “dedicated results page” about climate change to its main search engine.

The page will feature “in-depth” and “high quality” information from credible sources — the United Nations is listed as one — explaining the “causes, effects and definitions” of climate change.

The update is schedule to roll out sometime later this month, and will be available upon launch globally in English, French and Spanish.

As of today, Google is also updating its flight and hotel search tools to include information about CO2 emissions and sustainability commitments.

In April 2021, Google Earth released a video illustrating the devastating global effects of climate change in the last 40 years.

Source: Google