Windows 11 is now available to download

Windows has a hot new look and it's ready to show off

Microsoft has finally started rolling out the next version of its desktop operating system, Windows 11.

According to The Verge, the update will begin appearing for users gradually, but people with newer pre-built computers and laptops are more likely to get it firstMicrosoft says that it expects all eligible PCs to get the update by the middle of next year.

Since Windows 11 went live in New Zealand, anyone can technically download it now. However, not everyone can actually install it. Specifically, custom-built computers may need to be updated or include features like secure boot enabled in their BIOS before they’re eligible for the new update.

The update includes a striking new look, a centred taskbar, better touch screen support and several other improvements over Windows 10. You can learn more about it in our prior coverage of the operating system.

You can also try to download the update here, but it may not work on all Windows 10 machines.

Via The Verge