Ikea x Sonos table lamp gets new design and AirPlay 2

The new fabric shade looks pretty great

Sonos and Ikea are back again with a successor to the Symfonisk table lamp from 2019. The new version of the lamp features AirPlay 2 support, additional shade options and better sound quality.

The new shades are more cylindrical than the original version, and there’s a transparent glass option with a fogged centre column that diffuses the light. The other shade fabric features a translucent centre column to help diffuse its lighting. It’s a little hard to explain if you haven’t seen the first-gen table lamp, but this refreshed version looks nicer than the original and I really like the symmetry in the fabric version.

Ikea says that it found most people were using the Symfonisk on their nightstand, resulting in it shrinking the base of the lamp to make it easier to place in some instances.

The other change this year beyond the addition of AirPlay 2 and slightly better sound quality, is that Ikea sells the more decorative shades. The standard lamp costs $160, the glass shade is an extra $40 and the textile option is $20.

Overall, this is one of my favourite Sonos speakers, especially when compared to the weird wall art attempt from earlier this year.

It will be interesting to see if Ikea sells the bookshelf version of the Symfonisk that originally cost $149 just a little cheaper than the new lamp without a shade. The old lamp was priced at $249, so the new version seems to fall in the middle between the original Symfonisk speakers. This suggests to me that Ikea will only sell the new lamp and the frame moving forward.

The lamps will go on sale at Ikea Canada locations on October 12th.