Sony’s PlayStation 5 is now in stock at Best Buy for in-store pick-up [Out of stock]

May the odds be ever in your favour

Update 09/08/2021 1:30pm ET: As of 1:30pm ET, all of my local Best Buy locations are sold out of both the standard and Digital Edition versions of the PlayStation 5. Though I was able to get through the virtual waiting room, a notification flashed on my screen telling me that the PS5 was no longer in stock before pushing me back to the add to cart screen.

If you’ve been waiting for Sony’s PlayStation 5 to be in stock at Best Buy, now is your chance.

Both the $629 standard PS5 and $429 Digital Edition of the console are available for purchase online, but strangely, only for in-store pick-up.

Whether or not you’ll be able to purchase the current-gen console will be dependent on if Best Buy locations in your area of the system in stock. For example, in my area, all local Best Buy locations have both versions of the PS5 in stock.

If you’re lucky enough to be located in a region where the console is in stock, you’ll then be pushed to a Best Buy page with a progress bar (see the image below). I’ve yet to get past this waiting screen, but my progress bar is still moving as of 1:22pm ET.


As always, if you aim to get your hands on either version of the PlayStation 5, move fast as the console typically sells out in a matter of minutes.

This story will be updated when the consoles are no longer in stock.

Via: @Lbabinz