Remedy is releasing a 4K Alan Wake remaster this fall

The Alan Wake series isn't dead yet

Alan Wake Remastered

Following years of rumours, Remedy Entertainment has officially revealed its plan to release a 4K remake of Alan Wake this fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Game Store.

According to the developer, Alan Wake Remastered will include the base game and its two expansions: The Signal and The Writer. The remaster will also feature commentary from the game’s main writer, Sam Lake.

Alan Wake was originally released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2010, and later made its way to PC in 2012. The game also briefly disappeared from Microsoft’s Xbox store in 2017 due to music licensing, though it returned once the issue was solved.

This time around, Epic Games will be publishing the remastered version of the iconic psychological survival horror title across multiple platforms, as Remedy obtained the rights for the Alan Wake series from Microsoft back in 2019.

Alan Wake follows thriller novelist Alan Wake as he attempts to unravel the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance in the town of Bright Falls. The game features a unique TV show-like structure with a story divided into six episodes, includes prominent use of a flashlight’s light beam to take down foes, and, at the time, was one of the best-looking titles on the Xbox 360.

While Remedy has released several critically acclaimed titles over the last few years, including Control and Quantum Break, none of the developer’s more recent games have been able to recapture the magic of Alan Wake. As a big fan of the original title back in 2010, I’m excited to dive back into its dark world.

An Alan Wake sequel is reportedly also in development, following crossovers with Control.