Twitter improving DMs, will let you share tweets to 20 convos at once

The platform is also adding a quick scroll button and reducing timestamp clutter

Twitter announced several improvements coming to direct messages (DMs) in its app over the next few weeks, including easier tweet sharing, better navigation and more.

The social media platform detailed the changes in a tweet thread — what else? — and noted which features were arriving on which apps. As usual, it seems the Android Twitter app will get the shaft and lose out on some of these features. Hopefully, the features come to Android at another date.

To start, Twitter says that it will soon let users DM a tweet to up to 20 different conversations simultaneously. That should be handy if you have a few different group chats you like to send tweets to. This will roll out to the web client, iOS and Android “soon.”

Next up, Twitter said it will add a quick scroll button to DM convos so users can quickly jump to the latest message. The button is rolling out on Android and iOS.

The last two features, unfortunately, are only coming to iOS for now. The first is the ability to long-press a message to add a reaction. This joins the other double-tap feature for reacting to messages. The other is more a quality-of-life change. Twitter DMs now group by date to reduce timestamp clutter and make it easier for people to scan conversations.

In the replies to the announcement thread, Twitter also noted that it’s testing voice DMs in a few countries and will “let everyone know” when it expands the feature to more people.

For those who really enjoy using Twitter DMs, these small changes will likely be welcome. For my part, I don’t really use DMs on Twitter except for occasionally getting a message from a reader (which I always welcome) or an absurd amount of spam.

Source: Twitter