Virgin Plus deal nets Ontarians $25 off their internet bill for a year

Take note that all of these plans only come with 10Mbps upload speeds

If you live in Ontario, a decent internet plan from Virgin Plus is currently available — at least for the first year of your service.

There are three plans included in the carrier’s deal. However, the basic 25Mbps download speed option is only $15 off and not $25. Most people would be better off going for the 50Mbps plan instead since they both cost the same after the iscounts. Both plans cost $45 per month for the first year of service.

There’s also a larger 100Mbps download speed option for $55 that might be the best deal of the bunch. That said, all three options only have a 10Mbps upload speed, so they might not be the best if you’re a house full of people who like to game.

All of the plans also include unlimited monthly usage, and you’ll need to use the promo code ‘ONTARIO15’ to get the deal. Overall, they’re not bad plans, but I’d recommend setting a reminder in your phone for when the year-long deal ends so you can shop around for a better deal then.


  • 25Mbps down — 10Mbps up — $45 (regularly, $60)
  • 50Mbps down — 10Mbps up — $45 (regularly, $70)
  • 100Mbps down — 10Mbps up — $55 (regularly, $80)

Virgin also notes that these prices aren’t set in stone and could increase over time. Modem installations are included in the cost though.

Source: Virgin Plus