McDonald’s Canada’s iOS app now supports ‘Sign in with Apple’

This follows Apple Pay being added as a payment option last March

McDonald's Canada app

McDonald’s mobile ordering app just got slightly more secure.

The mobile app — which has changed names several times at this point — now supports Apple’s ‘Sign in with Apple’ platform, allowing you to use the app and take advantage of Touch ID and Face ID without creating a specific McDonald’s account.

This comes after the fast-food company added Apple Pay as a payment option in the app back in March 2020.

Though a solid step in the right direction towards making the McDonald’s app more secure, it’s strange that it took this long for the company to start improving the platform’s security. Also, this change obviously doesn’t make McDonald’s Canada’s Android app more secure.

Back in 2019, a fraudster (or multiple scammers) purchased over $2,000 worth of McDonald’s with my ‘My McD’s’ account. While I eventually got my money back after making a fraud claim through my bank, it took quite a while since the transaction was made with a debit card and not a credit card (typically using a credit card online is far more secure).

McDonald’s app is available in the iOS App Store.

Via: iPhoneinCanada