Hyundai Ioniq 5 pre-orders are now available in Canada

It's still unclear how much the EV will cost, but pre-orders require a $500 deposit

Ioniq 5

After stating a few weeks ago that Ioniq 5 pre-orders would launch in June, Hyundai has revealed that pre-orders for its anticipated electric car (EV) are now available in Canada.

Pre-orders for the EV require customers to put $500 down and are available directly through Hyundai Canada’s website. The automotive maker says that “limited quantities” will be available at Hyundai Canada dealerships across the country and that pricing will be announced closer to the “start of sales later this year.” On the company’s website, the estimated delivery date for the Ioniq is listed as “Fall 2021.”

Though it’s great to see Canadian pre-orders for the EV are now available, it’s strange that they’re available before the official cost of the vehicle has been revealed.

It’s unclear how much the Ioniq 5 will cost in Canada, but given Hyundai’s Kona Electric car starts at $38,000, most estimates put the price in the $40,000 – $45,000 range.

The Ioniq 5 is set to be sold in several trim packages, including Essential RWD SR (354km range), Preferred RWD SR (354km range), Preferred AWD LE w/Ultimate Package (400km range), Preferred AWD LR (435kmg range) and Preferred RWD LR (480km range).

It’s also worth noting that different trim options are locked to specific colours. For example, the lowest-end Essential Trim is only available in ‘Atlas White’ with a ‘Black Cloth’ interior, while the Preferred comes in ‘Cyber Grey,’ ‘Lucid Blue,’ ‘Atlas White’ and ‘Phantom Black.’ Even the Preferred option is locked to a Black Cloth interior, with only the higher tiers offering different interior variants like ‘Grey 2-Tone Cloth’ and ‘Black Leather.’

In an effort to boost sales and convince more people to make the jump to an EV, Automotive News says that Hyundai plans to launch a short-term lease program that allows those interested in the Ioniq 5 to test the car out for an extended period of time. It’s unclear if this program will also launch in Canada, but as someone who is seriously considering purchasing the Ioniq 5 as their next vehicle, this would definitely help me figure out if an EV can easily fit into my life.

To see the Ioniq 5’s full list of trim options, follow this link.

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