Android 12 Beta features a ‘Game Mode’ that doesn’t do anything… yet

The mode includes a FPS counter, screen recording, game optimization and more

A new ‘Game Mode’ was undercovered in the Android 12 Developer Preview back in February, and it seems to be included in the latest beta as well. Though the function looks more like a place-holder for now, as it doesn’t do anything, you can still check it out.

You’ll need to go to your device Settings Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules. On this screen, you’ll see a bunch of ‘Schedules’ offerings like ‘sleeping,’ ‘event’ and ‘game mode.’

As previously mentioned, the new mode isn’t completely functional yet, though it does feature a screenshot button, screen recording, a do not disturb mode and a frames-per-second counter. These options appear as floating buttons while you’re in-game.

Below the row of FPS counter and screen recording, there are two other options, one of which allows gamers to directly stream gaming to YouTube. The other, ‘Game Optimization,’ would enable users to tweak gaming performance by selecting between Performace, Standard, and Battery Saver modes.

While performance mode optimizes frame rate, the battery saver mode will limit frames in order to conserve battery. The floating menu bar can be pushed towards the left or right edges of your screen.

Hopefully, we’ll see the game mode officially introduced during Beta 2 or Beta 3, and if not, by the time of the final launch.