Eastlink offering 10GB/$50 plan and more

Be warry that Eastlink's data zones aren't very big

Regional Halifax-based carrier Eastlink is rolling out several new data plans that offer ample gigabytes of data for pretty fair prices.

The star of the show is the new 10GB plan for $50, but beyond that, there’s also a plan for $60 that includes 15GB of data and a $65 plan for 20GB.

There is a catch, though. Like with Freedom Mobile, users will only be able to use this data in Eastlink’s coverage zones. That said, the two cheaper plans come with 1GB of nationwide data, and the more expensive 20GB plan includes 2GB of nationwide data.

You can check out the carrier’s coverage map here, but be aware the 10GB/15GB/20Gb plans only work in the dark purple zones. The light purple is for nationwide coverage.

All the plans also include unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texting, voicemail and call waiting.

You can learn more about the plans on Eastlink’s website. 

Source: Eastlink