Microsoft launches new highlighter yellow and red camo Xbox Series X/S controllers

The new gamepad colours are called 'Electric Volt' and 'Daystrike Camo'

Xbox Controllers

Xbox has just added two brand-new new colour variants to its lineup of controllers.

Say hello to the ‘Electric Volt’ and ‘Daystrike Camo’ controllers. Microsoft continues to add more colour options to its steadily increasing gamepad lineup, even with the custom controller Design Lab out of commission for the time being. The Design Lab will be back sometime this year, but for now, players will get whatever Microsoft decides to release to the public.

Both controllers feature coloured analog sticks, which is a bit of a rarity for official Xbox gamepad variants. They also both feature textured grips on the shoulder bumpers. Additionally, the gamepads use post-consumer recycled resins for the first time in any Xbox hardware, as Microsoft takes a step toward improved environmental sustainability with its products.

The Electric Volt Xbox gamepad is available for $74.99 and the Daystrike Camo costs $79.99. Though these are Xbox Series X/S gamepads, they’ll also still work with Xbox One consoles.

New Xbox gear is also being released alongside the gamepads (seen below).

xbox controllers gear

The clothing items show off similar patterns as the controllers, and they’re available for purchase online in the Xbox Gear Shop.

Source: Xbox Wire