YouTube tests copyright checks tool to stop possible violations

This functionality seems to be desktop only

YouTube has started testing a new feature called ‘Checks’ that lets creators detect if their video has any copyright issues during the upload process.

A screenshot of the feature shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra reveals that Checks looks for “any copyright issues that may restrict” a video’s visibility. This allows users to address a copyright problem before the content is published.

Engadget reports that the tool is powered by the same Content ID system YouTube uses to monitor copyright issues.

This feature should make it a lot easier for YouTube creators to avoid copyright issues before publishing a video. However, according to 9to5GoogleYouTube notes “that this won’t affect future manually made claims, only those that would be caught with the platform’s automated systems.”

This means the tool won’t catch all copyright problems. That said, the feature could help protect users from various accidental violations and reduce instances of piracy on the platform.

The feature also seems to only be available in the desktop version of YouTube.

Source: Matt Navarra (@mattnavarra) Via: 9to5Google, Engadget