Instagram testing new sticker that auto-generates captions for Stories

The feature is in the process of testing and won’t be available for the public just yet

Facebook-owned Instagram is testing out new auto-captions for its ‘Stories’ feature.

With the new feature, the ‘closed caption’ sticker on Instagram Stories generates automated captions in various text formats.

Once users add the captions sticker to the video clip, they’ll see the audio transcribing on the screen.

Instagram is testing four different text style options, including typewriter-esque block text, larger words to add emphasis and basic block letters.

Although some users have been able to access the tool in the app, when they go to post their stories, an ‘internal only’ message appears. Instagram has confirmed that the auto-captions feature is in the process of being tested and isn’t be available for the public just yet.

Instagram auto-caption sticker

It’s worth noting that this new feature is similar to a tool in the Threads app that Instagram launched last year.

Instead of using the Threads app to send messages to people’s inner circle, which is what the app is meant for, a larger number of people used the Threads app to make videos using the auto caption feature and then uploaded them to TikTok with the on-screen text.

Instagram has been developing the auto-captions tool for Stories since last August. The social media giant added the auto-captions to IGTV back in September 2020.

The auto-captions are not always accurate and users will still need to review the text. It’s unclear whether Instagram will let users edit the text within the interface.

Instagram has yet to provide any details for the public release of the feature.

Image credit: SocialMediaToday

Source: Matt Navarra, SocialMediaToday