Huawei P50 Pro render leaks online, shows centred selfie camera cut-out

It's not clear what hardware the P50 Pro will use

Huawei has had a tumultuous year when it comes to its smartphones, but that hasn’t stopped it — the China-based phone manufacturer is working on a P50 Pro, and leaker OnLeaks shared a render giving us a first look at the upcoming phone.

A successor to 2020’s P40 Pro, the P50 sports a similar look with an edge-to-edge display and curved edges. According to the render shared by OnLeaks on Voice, the P50 Pro won’t feature dual front-facing cameras like its predecessor. Instead, the P50 Pro will have a single camera situated in the top centre of the screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Along with the initial render, OnLeaks shared details like the dimensions of the phone. The Huawei P50 Pro will reportedly measure in at 159mm tall and 73mm wide, which is a bit shorter and a hair wider than the P40 Pro at 168.2mm and 72.6mm.

Unfortunately, OnLeaks didn’t share a render of the back of the phone. Also, the leak doesn’t include any technical details or specs.

Considering Huawei has been largely cut off from making its Kirin chips, it’s not clear what hardware the P50 series will use. Huawei was stockpiling Kirin chips to use in newer devices, but it’s not clear how much supply the company had. The company also reportedly began preparations for a new chip plant to work around U.S. sanctions, but that would likely serve hardware for network infrastructure, not phones. It’s also worth noting that the U.S. granted Qualcomm a licence to sell 4G chips to Huawei. It’s not clear if Huawei plans to use Qualcomm chips for the P50 line.

Source: OnLeaks (Voice), Via: Android Police