Freedom customers who switch to Fido can get a $45/20GB plan

Fido is offering a $10 discount for 10 months, and Freedom customers who switch can get a bonus 8GB of data on $55+ plans

Rogers’ flanker brand Fido is running a promotion to encourage Freedom Mobile customers to switch. The promotion offers 20GB of data for $45 per month.

Of course, there are a few things to be aware of before making the leap. Fido’s promotional $45/20GB plan is actually a $55/12GB plan, but it comes with a bonus 8GB of data and a $10 per month discount for the first 10 months.

It’s worth noting that the $10 for 10 months discount is a general offer from Fido and not tied to the Freedom promotion. In other words, anyone switching to Fido can get the $10 discount for a limited time, while Freedom customers making the switch also get the bonus 8GB of data.

Fido’s website notes that the online offer is available for any Fido plan that costs $55 per month or more. That means you can get any of the following plans with a bonus 8GB of data and a $10 discount for 10 months:

  • $55/12GB ($45/20GB with promo)
  • $60/16GB ($50/24GB with promo)
  • $75/20GB ($65/28GB with promo)

Additionally, the Fido website says that the discount and the additional data will appear on customers’ second or third invoice.

If you’re a Freedom Mobile customer and thinking about making a switch, this Fido promotion is definitely a great way to get a lot of data for not a lot of money. Granted, the price you pay goes up by $10 after 10 months, but $55 for 20GB is still an excellent deal.

You can learn more about the deal here.