You can control Spotify on the PlayStation 5 in new ways

Among these is compatibility with the console's Media Remote

With the PlayStation 5, there are now new ways to stream music on Sony’s new console.

First off, similar to the PS4, users can listen to music and podcasts while gaming.

What’s new is that you can now access Spotify with the PS5 Media Remote’s dedicated Spotify button. You’ll be able to navigate media with its play/pause, forward and rewind buttons, and adjust the volume and power settings if you have a compatible TV. The remote is sold separately for $39.99 CAD.

You can also access Spotify playback controls through the ‘Music’ shortcut in the PS5’s Control Center, allowing you to skip and pause your music without leaving your current game.

Further, with Spotify Connect, you’re able to control music directly on the PlayStation 5 with your smartphone.

There’s also a new Media section on the PS5’s dashboard 5 where apps like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify and Crave are located. You’re able to link your Spotify account in this section or even make a new one.

The PS5 launched on November 12th, and despite being available at Best Buy, Walmart, The Source, London Drugs and more, the highly sought-after next-gen console is still difficult to find.

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Source: Spotify