Pixel 4 Face Unlock issues arise again for some users

Google says it has fixed the issue but an update hasn't rolled out yet

Some users are reporting issues with Face Unlock on their Pixel 4 devices once again.

The Pixel 4 series hasn’t had the smoothest experience with Face Unlock, as these issues were present earlier this year as well.

Over the past few weeks, several users have created threads on Reddit and Google’s support forums to complain about troubles they’re facing when trying to unlock their Pixel 4 using Face Unlock.

The culprit was originally thought to be the Android 11 update, but clearly, not everyone is having issues at the same time.

Users are noting that when they hold up their device to scan their face, they see a message that reads: “Clean the top of your screen, including the black bar.” Users who see this message say that the phone still won’t unlock even after cleaning the top bezel and entering their PIN.

Some users have temporarily solved the problem by restarting their device, but the issue still appears occasionally.

Google claims that the black bar issue message that shows up when users try to use Face Unlock has been fixed, but a new update has not yet rolled out. It’s unclear what is causing this, but hopefully, the December 2020 update for Pixel devices will solve this problem.

Source: Reddit, Google Support Forum Via: 9to5Google