Facebook testing new feature to view Instagram stories on main app

This new test lets you watch Instagram stories directly on Facebook

Some Facebook users are reporting that they can view Instagram Stories directly within the main social media app.

You can tell if you’re watching a Facebook story if the profile picture is outlined in blue, if it’s outlined in orange hues then it’s an Instagram story.

Although Facebook has allowed cross-posting between Facebook and Instagram stories, this new test actually lets you watch Instagram stories directly on Facebook.

The Verge reports that only your Instagram followers who have linked their Facebook account will see your stories on Facebook if they turn on the setting. The app also notes that ‘people who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your story.’

It appears that this is a limited test and that the social media giant will be looking for feedback about the potential feature. Further, it has stated that Instagram users will have the option to keep their stories off of Facebook altogether if they want.

This latest test comes as Facebook started to merge Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat last month. Facebook also has plans to add WhatsApp to this chat experience.

Via: The Verge