Twitter adding labels to tweets with misleading COVID-19 information

The social media giant will also add the label to tweets that were sent before today

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Twitter is going to start adding labels to tweets that include misleading and disputed information about COVID-19 and its impacts.

This latest change builds on Twitter’s March update where it started to crack down on tweets that include fake and ineffective treatments about the virus.

“Labels will now appear on Tweets containing potentially harmful, misleading information related to COVID-19. This will also apply to tweets sent before today,” the social media giant noted in a blog post.

The labels will link to a Twitter-curated page or external trusted sources containing additional information about the claims that were made within the tweet.

Twitter says that depending on the possibility of harm or severity of misleading information, it will place a warning on the tweet. These warnings are going to appear before someone can see the tweet and will inform users that the information in the tweet conflicts with public health experts’ guidance.

The social media giant is currently taking action against COVID-19 tweets based on three broad categories. Firstly, it is cracking down on misleading information, which are statements that have been confirmed to be false. Next, it is policing disputed claims that have contested or have unknown credibility. Lastly, it is looking into tweets with unverified claims.

Twitter notes that it is monitoring content to “help ensure we’re not amplifying tweets with these warnings or labels and detecting the high-visibility content quickly.”

Several other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have all been taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

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Source: Twitter