Epic’s Fortnite now has over 350 million registered players

Epic’s Fortnite is getting quite massive.

The developers have announced that the free-to-play battle royale has more than 350 million registered players.

As the above tweet says, players have spent more than 3.2 billion hours in the game last month. Epic won’t precisely say how many players log into the day or month, however.

The last time Epic revealed its numbers, was back in March of 2019, where Fortnite had 250 million players. Even though the game was released almost three years ago, the title is still growing.

What’s interesting about Fortnite is the new party royale mode that’s a gun-free space that lets players log in and hang out with their friends. It allows them to watch concerts and enjoy other activities. On May 8th, there’ll be a festival that stars Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5 at 9pm ET.

Recently, 12 million players logged on to watch a Travis Scott concert and last year, 11 million players logged in for a Marshmello concert As weird as this may seem to some, players love just partying in Fortnite.